JSB “Office”


JSB Office is perfect for every situation; it will complement your smart casual, and underline your eye makeup for your date night. Visible and sexy, but still subtle.

Millainen tuote tämä on?

JSB Office is one of the most popular models, due to it being such a multi-purpose beauty instrument; it fits perfectly for smart casual as well as party outfits.

Product details

More info:

  • Lash band length 28mm
  • Lash length approx. 9-13mm
  • Three magnet attachment
  • 3-part bottom lash

JSB Lash

JSB Lash is a Finnish beauty, fashion and wellness company, which has strong emphasis in ethical values and nature friendliness.

JSB Office

JSB Lash Office gives you sexy gaze.

You are beautiful.

Don’t hide it, show it.

JSB “Office”


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