JSB “Flirt”


JSB Flirt is prominent and very visual eyelash model, suitable for person who wants super feminine lashes that can be used in all occasions. Flirt won’t leave anyone cold.

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What is this product like?

Flirt is one of the most popular JSB models so far; it is prominent, but not too dramatic, lashes are long, but you can use most of eyeglasses or sunglasses with them. The reason behind popularity of Flirt is probably it’s versatility; it fits your regular day, your night out, you can wear it at the office or on a date.

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Details of this model:

  • Lash strip length 28mm
  • Median length of lash 10-13mm
  • Attachment with three strong micromagnets
  • Bottom lash in three separate parts

JSB Lash

JSB Lash is a Finnish beauty, fashion and wellness company, which has strong emphasis in ethical values and nature friendliness.

JSB Flirt

JSB Lash Flirt makes your gaze intense

You are beautiful

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JSB “Flirt”


In stock (can be backordered)

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