JSB “Classic”


JSB Classic on is a very natural model, which fits perfectly as a part of everyday / office look. Classic will give you beautiful lashes which won’t draw too much attention.

What kind of product is this?

JSB Classic is one of the most natural JSB Lash models; it can really enhance your gaze while still being very subtle. It is designed for those, who don’t want to draw too much attention.


Tarkemmat tiedot:

  • Ripsinauhan pituus 28mm
  • Ripsen pituus keskimäärin 8-10mm
  • Kiinnitys kolmella magneetilla
  • 3-osainen alaosa

JSB Lash

JSB Lash is Finnish beauty- and wellness company with commitment of being both human- and nature friendly. JSB products are designed in Finland, and it is 100% Finnish, family-run private business.

JSB Classic

JSB Lash Classic brings you natural look.

Olet kaunis, juuri sellaisena kuin olet.

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JSB “Classic”


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