JSB “Cat”


JSB Cat is cat-like model; perfect for subtle, attractive enhancement.

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What kind of product is this?

JSB Lash Cat is – like you would think of it – Cat-like model; lashes are shorter in the distal part, and get longer towards the proximal. Cat gives you sexy, but not too prominent, cat-like gaze.

Product details

More info:

  • Lash band length 28mm
  • Lash length approx. 10-13mm
  • Three magnet attachment
  • 3-part bottom lash

JSB Lash

JSB Lash is a Finnish beauty, fashion and wellness company, which has strong emphasis in ethical values and nature friendliness.


Cat gives you kitten-soft gaze.

You are hot.

Enjoy it wholeheartedly.


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JSB “Cat”


In stock (can be backordered)

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