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EyEnvy is eyelash and eyebrow growth serum, which enhances eyelash and eyebrow growth by nourishing the hair socket. According to scientific study, by using EyEnvy, eyelash and eyebrow volume and length may increase even 45 % after six weeks of consecutive use. Clinically tested.

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What kind of product is this?

For optimal results, we recommend using EyEnvy daily, for at least three consecutive months. After this period, you should continue using every other day. One package is enough for approximately five months of use. If you stop using this product, lashes will revert back to their original length in 1-2 months.

Usage instructions

  1. Remove eye make-up carefully.
  2. Shake EyEnvy well before every use.
  3. Put SMALL AMOUNT of product into lash root, using included brush tool.
    • Before applying product, wipe all excess substance back to product tube, so you have optimally small amount to apply.
    • One pass with included brush is enough. (Applying more doesn’t give you accelerated or increased growth.)
  4. Let dry.

Important: read before ordering!

If you use contact lenses, remove them before applying product. Let product dry at least 15 minutes before applying contact lenses.
EyEnvy is to be used at before OR after sleep. Morning use is recommended, due to nasolacrimal duct activity being increased at daytime.
Apply skin care products first, before EyEnvy (let dry at least 1-3 minutes) and finally make-up.
EyEnvy can be used with eyelash extensions. In this case, product is used every third day.
If you want to use EyEnvy for eyebrows, apply only where needed.
EyEnvy can be used for lower lashes also.
Warning: Be careful not to let product touch the surface of your eye. Stop using if you get rash or burning sensation in or near your eyes. If adverse effects won’t disappear shortly, seek medical attention.
Warning: Do not use this product if your eyelid is damaged, irritated etc., if you are pregnant, lactating, or receiving chemoterapy, or under 18 years of age. During use, you may experience darker pigmentation on your eyelid; this is temporary and should disappear after while. Discontinue using the product, if you find these disturbing.
Disclaimer: EyEnvy is not made or supposed to be used for treating, preventing or healing hair loss, or any other health issue.

Sensitive eyes?

  • Use gentle make-up remover
  • Wait 15 minutes before applying EyEnvy
  • It is recommended to use this product not more often than once every 2 days; not sooner than after couple weeks of use you can increase the frequency to what is said in usage instructions.
  • In case of especially sensitive eyes, product use should be started from once every 3 days, and to be increased following previous instrucion. (Product will be effective, but will take more time to work)
  • Never touch your eyes after applying product, and be careful not to share your product package with other people.


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EyEnvy -eyelash serum


Out of stock

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