o time ago, we just opened our shop. Soon enough we were pushed into situation, that our shop was not serving it’s purpose; we were not able to serve other than our Finnish customers, we found it impossible to serve our wholesale customers, and the shop site was slower than it was ever supposed to be.

This forced us into process of building this new shop, even though we were in the middle of campaign processes and our customers were waiting their stuff; just a little while ago we distributed discount coupons and codes, and now all of those codes are worth nothing.

We’re sorry.

We truly are. If you received a discount code, and would still like to use it, please let us know. Send us email, call us, write a letter or something; just let us know you’re there and we’ll fix this for you. Our intentions never were to scam our customers, and we never will; your valid voucher will be traded into a working one, was it a physical one or electronic one. Don’t worry.

Anyway, we have great expectations for this new webshop; tenerife.digital did exceptionally great job with it! Everything seems to be in place. If you manage to find some quirks or glitches, please let us know so we can fix ’em up right away.

Welcome to new JSB store, dear customers.

– JSB International / Tuomas –